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  Sunday November 19, 2017    thanks to Steve Albrecht for our flash animation!

2019- 45 year reunion! ouch!

Next event is the Langley Music Fest 2016! Not sure of date yet.

Info at Langley Fest on Facebook

Langley High Class of 74 on Facebook

Visit the Langley 74 Facebook page which will be a great location for keeping up with your classmates:
Langley High Class of 1974

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2014 Reunion honor roll:
Barbara Nealis· Betsy Hayward O‚ÄôReilly· Carol Kramer· Cindy Mansfield Duke· Fred Hathaway· Geoff Archer· Greg Beckwith· Hatsie Hayward Charbonneau· Jeff Litton· Kim Knight Wayland· Minna Parker· Tisa Head

Wow- 10 years gone since this picture:
2004 picnic

15870 days since June 8, 1974
That's 380880 hours.

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